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MJEconomics was set up with the intention of providing economic forecasts and advisory analysis via e-mail and over the web to a broad spectrum of corporate planners, investment analysts, researchers and marketing executives.

Along with consultancy services, MJEconomics also publishes a series of newsletters based on surveys of macroeconomic forecasts for a number of regions and economies.

“Tracking and monitoring on a monthly basis how economic expectations evolve are of paramount importance for policymaking. We always benchmark our own forecasts with those of consensus and timely inform policymakers of any sudden shift. It has also become a key ingredient for proper check and balances of official projections in the context of a properly designed fiscal framework as we always need to justify any major departure from consensus view. In a nutshell, the Euro Zone Barometer is an essential tool to navigate current storms.”

Lorenzo Codogno, Department of the Treasury, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

Latest Monthly Surveys Now Available Along with more than 20 Years’ Worth of Survey History
Forecasts for current year, year ahead and Five Year Long Term Projections

Euro Volatility, Inflation, Recession or Recovery? Need to Know More?

MJEconomics’ surveys of economic forecasts by prestigious institutions focusing on the Euro Zone and the Nordic Area are available to purchase every month. We survey experts every month and rush the results out to subscribers by e-mail in both Excel and PDF format.

Key Euro Zone results from our latest monthly surveys include:

  • Changing growth projections for retail sales, investment, exports and production
  • Shifting inflation expectations responding to currency volatility and commodity prices.
  • Outlook for oil prices, currencies and ECB policy rates.
  • Up-to-date deficit and debt trajectories.

Find out more, subscribe today. Our publications also include:

  • The latest long term projections (updated in January, April, July, October).
  • Quarterly forecasts (adjusted monthly).
  • Exchange rate, interest rate and oil price projections.
  • Comparison forecasts by government and multilateral institutions.
  • Text reviews on the latest developments.

Detailed results and commentaries are available to members. You may purchase an annual membership to our monthly surveys, or one-off copies.

“We use Euro Zone Barometer mainly in three ways: (1) as a benchmark for our own forecasts – to check if we are in line, above or below the average and why; (2) to check and show the evolution of economic sentiment; (3) it is quite useful also to obtain a rapid/complete image of countries which we cannot analyse as closely as others.”

David Heredero, Grupo Santander