“We use Euro Zone Barometer mainly in three ways: (1) as a benchmark for our own forecasts – to check if we are in line, above or below the average and why; (2) to check and show the evolution of economic sentiment; (3) it is quite useful also to obtain a rapid/complete image of countries which we cannot analyse as closely as others.”

David Heredero, Grupo Santander

“MJEconomics has done a great job. Euro Zone Barometer is now an indispensable tool for investors and economists. It enables them to observe the evolution of market sentiment, compare the forecasts for Euro Zone countries, and anticipate the European Central Bank’s decisions. All this is invaluable in the current turbulent times.”

Norbert Gaillard, Norbert Gaillard Consulting

“MJEconomics have been providing invaluable secondary (consensus) and primary (survey) data inputs for a range of analytical work I have been doing over the years, appearing in my publicly published analysis of global markets to academic research in investments and financial economics. On the business end, MJEconomics are about great data, timely delivery and superbly responsive client support!”

Constantin Gurdgiev, University of Northern Colorado (USA), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and Macroview.eu (USA and Ireland)

“Tracking and monitoring on a monthly basis how economic expectations evolve are of paramount importance for policymaking. We always benchmark our own forecasts with those of consensus and timely inform policymakers of any sudden shift. It has also become a key ingredient for proper check and balances of official projections in the context of a properly designed fiscal framework as we always need to justify any major departure from consensus view. In a nutshell, the Euro Zone Barometer is an essential tool to navigate current storms.”

Lorenzo Codogno, Department of the Treasury, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance