Country Risk Outlooks

Most of our Country Risk Outlooks are produced on demand, allowing you to purchase an up-to-date report, evaluating the 1-2 year operating environment within the context of a 5 year business plan. Country Risk Outlooks pinpoint major risks and opportunities in the country concerned, and provide you with economic projections for a range of variables as well as useful background information to enable you to make informed decisions.

Country Risk Outlooks are available for developed, emerging and frontier markets worldwide and normally include the following information (please contact us for further details):

Political Risk

  • Current domestic political overview and outlook – discussion of current government and political leaders, as well as any forthcoming elections, outlining their likely impact on social stability and the operating environment over a 1-2 year forecast horizon.
  • Discussion of the main domestic policy agenda – where applicable to country risk.
  • Impact of foreign policy.

Economic Risk

  • Global overview.
  • Economic policy outlook (fiscal policy, monetary policy and any relevant structural reform process).
  • Analysis of main macroeconomic variables (including national accounts, inflation, government budget balance, balance of payments, external debt, FX reserves, interest rates, exchange rates etc).
  • Forecasts of main macroeconomic indicators plus comparison forecasts where relevant, from IMF, OECD, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, World Bank etc.

Other Business, Structural and/or Financial Risks that are relevant to each country