About Us


MJEconomics is a privately owned UK-based company set up in 2001 (originally as a partnership) with the intention of providing economic forecasts and advisory analysis to a broad spectrum of private and public sector clients. MJEconomics’ global subscriber base includes both individuals and teams working across a broad spectrum of job functions, including corporate planners, economists, investment analysts, researchers, and marketing and treasury executives.

MJEconomics publishes two flagship monthly digests of macroeconomic forecasts for the Euro Zone and Nordic regions. These surveys – now more than a decade old – include the results of a unique monthly survey of economic forecasts provided by experts in their field. Our forecast contributors include prestigious banks, brokers and other forecasting institutions, either located in the countries concerned or with a specific focus on the Euro Zone and/or Nordic regions. MJEconomics has the longest track record of any Euro Zone survey and a wider range of survey variables.

MJEconomics also publishes:
  • Monthly, one-page Business Briefs looking at various topics, such as corruption, regulatory risk, economic freedom, business competitiveness and global growth prospects, to name but a few.
  • Research articles provided by our forecast contributors. These are usually available only to their clients but they have kindly agreed for us to republish their work.
  • Monthly Country Risk Updates on more than 180 countries worldwide.
  • Bespoke 24-page Country Risk Outlook reports on more than 180 countries worldwide.
Consultancy Services

In this rapidly changing economic environment, amid considerable risk and uncertainty about the future, many companies and institutions are now finding it cheaper and more convenient to outsource their economics expertise, or to supplement existing sources with a reliable partner. Often, however, it proves difficult to achieve this for a competitive fee. However, MJEconomics treats its clients on an individual basis, with tailored packages of services delivered by e-mail to the highest quality at a convenient time to meet internal deadlines. Contact us for further details.

Managing Director

Jeremy C Weltman – jweltman@mjeconomics.co.uk

  • Editor of Euro Zone Barometer and Nordic Barometer
  • Country Risk Team & Editorial, The PRS Group
  • Country Risk Team & Editorial, Gavea Emerging Markets
  • Freelance contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Member of Euromoney’s country risk panel and research contributor
  • Freelance contributor to Catella Property Group and Dun & Bradstreet
  • Editorial Director at Consensus Economics (1993-2001), with responsibility for Consensus Forecasts, Consensus Forecasts – USA, Current Economics and Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts
  • Economist and Forecaster with commercial property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle (1990-1993)
  • Post-Graduate of the University of Liverpool with an MA in Macroeconomics (1990)
  • Credit scoring analyst with North West Securities, now Capital Bank (1988-1989)
  • Graduate of the University of Northumbria with a BA First Class Honours in Economics (1988)
  • Recipient of the Nissan Prize for Industrial Economics (1988)