B-usiness Analysis

MJEconomics produces a range of analytical publications suited to both private and public sector organisations. In addition to our regular forecasting services and country risk products, we also distribute our own one-page Business Brief aimed at providing useful information on a single topic, ranging from competitiveness, corruption and corporate taxation to economic freedom and the euro zone debt crisis (among other analytical topics of interest). Business Briefs can be purchased individually or downloaded freely as part of our website membership service.

C-ontributor Analysis

MJEconomics also reviews the latest non-academic economic research produced by our survey contributors, all of whom are leading banks, brokers and other forecasting institutions – specialists in their field. Normally such research is reserved for their clients, but they have kindly agreed to allow us to republish their work, which is available as part of our website membership service. The articles cover a range of topics, such as the implications of rising oil prices, the Greek debt crisis, the outlook for emerging markets and various individual country pieces – among others.

D-ata Analysis

In addition to its own forecasts and forecast surveys (going back more than 10 years), MJEconomics compiles various data sets of use to both private and public sector organisations. We add value by ranking the data to highlight market risks and opportunities. For example, we regularly collate the economic forecasts by quasi-government organisations, such as the IMF, OECD etc, on more than 180 countries worldwide. We calculate the mean average predictions and then we rank these from highest to lowest for the main indicators, such as GDP growth, inflation and the current account balance, to identify strong and weak economies. We also provide similar analysis on other indicators, such as consolidated banking statistics showing global bank lending risks.

More detailed bespoke analysis is also available. Contact us for further details.